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Dr. Gin Love Thompson

With clients across the country, and the world, Dr. Gin will assist you in achieving accelerated results by identifying root issues causing underlying symptoms resulting in relief and resolve through a deep instinctive grounded knowing and professional knowledge identify the most important thing needed to empower yourself to overcome your current life challenges from emotional suffering, relationship issues, self-sabotage, trauma and more. Integrating years of clinical training, private practice experience with a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit), her eclectic combination of modalities are healing and life altering.

A sought after professional in her fields having served as a licensed psychotherapist for over a decade in private practice, an insightful spiritual teacher and nationally renowned relationship specialist Gin's expert advise has been featured in countless mass media sources including The TODAY Show, Prevention, GLAMOUR, Women's Health, SHAPE Magazine & more.

We all encounter times in our lives when we need guidance. If you are reading these words, there is no coincidence. Clinically trained as a psychotherapist, Ericksonian hypnotherapist, holding a masters in Metaphysical Sciences and Counseling Psychology, Dr. Gin is committed to guiding you in a safe, confidential, nurturing environment. Email or call today.

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The TODAY Show


Ginnie Love, author, psychotherapist and relationship expert, agrees. "For the balanced emotionally healthy adult, social media is a convenient way to stay connected to friends and family from across the country, and world. It is also an incredible networking tool," she said. "Where social media hurts close relationships, of varying types, is rooted in the individual, the health of their current 'real life' relationships and the ease of contact via online that can be superficial and provide instant gratification. It is extremely easy to only show the parts of ourselves we want others to see and that does not encompass the entirety of who we are.”

Love added, "Maintaining close relationship is a dance of many components including honest communication, showing dedication and value to one another through making spending time together a priority, and expressions of gratitude.

"Strong, reliable, intimate connection not only feels good but can help us live longer, healthier lives. "

Woman’s Day Magazine


Give yourself a hug: Seriously. Human touch releases calming endorphins, and we don't get enough of them in our lives, says Gin Love Thompson, Ph.D., an Orlando, Florida, psychotherapist. If a friend or your partner isn't around, she suggests this DIY version: "Rub up and down on your forearms, then wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze."

Repeat soothing words: Chanting not only focuses the mind but also reduces heart rate and blood pressure, both of which spike when you're anxious. And the practice stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps regulate mood. Not sure what to chant? It doesn't matter — "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and Stevie Nicks lyrics will have the same effect.

Take a brain break: It's easy to feel overstimulated with streams of texts, social media updates, shows to watch, and podcasts to listen to, says Thompson. To tune out, shut off your phone, sit in your backyard, and take in your view. "When you look at the sky, the sun, the grass, and the trees, your problems feel a lot smaller," says Thompson.

Women’s Health Magazine


"It's human nature to take what's consistently available to us for granted," says Ginnie Love, Ph.D., psychotherapist.

"Keep it sexy, even if you feel too exhausted at the end of the day to frolic," says Love. "Fun is the name of the game. Keep it lively."

Women’s Health Magazine


When a person is having an emotional affair that hasn't yet turned physical, the frequency of sex with his or her partner can actually increase. "The passion for the one he desires is played out in the relationship he's already in," says psychotherapist Ginnie Love, Ph.D., a psychotherapist practicing Florida.

"If your partner is spending the time he previously spent with you on someone else, that is an immediate warning sign that needs to be addressed," says Love.

"This is especially dangerous territory because he may be unconsciously sizing you up," says Love, comparing you to a fantasy version of the other person and idealizing what it might be like to be with her.

If he doesn't text very often and is suddenly glued to his phone or spends more time browsing on social media than he used to, this might signify something's up, says Love.

"We mention friends from time to time, but a constant name drop is disrespectful and inappropriate," says Love. It's basically an invitation for you to call him on it. And when you do, take note of his reaction.

Well + Good





“When I talk to Dr. Gin I feel safe. I've lived a life of trauma and safety is not a feeling I'm use to. Feeling the safety with her led to my realization of how unsafe I feel in the world. I never realized how severe it was. Over three months she patiently worked with me through phone and emails to begin trusting and healing again." -B. Williams, Stanford, Connecticut ​

"I work for a high profile corporation and knew I needed professional help but did not want it on permanent record and I did not want to chance someone seeing me go into a psychology practice office. I found Gin online and was intrigued at her process and relieved that she offered confidential and completely private sessions by phone and email. I didn't have to give her my real name to work with her, though I eventually did. Thank you Dr. Gin for offering a place I could confidently enter for guidance." -Thomas, Washington D.C.

"My marriage had fallen apart. I initially called Dr. Gin for support as I filed for divorce. After a couple of phone sessions she suggested a couples session. Long story short, my husband and I worked individually and together with Gin over the course of three months and saved our marriage. We are happier than we've been. Both of our private practices are booming as a result of working with her. We are grateful for her discretion and sincerity in helping her clients and refer our own patients to her regularly. She has a beautiful heart!" -The Davis', Albany, New York

"Our work together began as professional consulting. Gin was working with my employer to increase cohesiveness in the workplace as our production company was on the verge of losing a major investor. During that time I found myself hanging on her every word and wanting to ask her questions about issues in my personal life. I had been going to a psychiatrist for over ten years but my symptoms persisted. Nothing ever changed, it was all talk and no solutions. I finally got the nerve to approach Gin. She was attentive, nonjudgmental and I could feel the love in her. It was an amazing experience. I read on her website other clients achieved accelerated results and I understand why. Her authenticity and intuition left me feeling protected. And I was. During my time working with her I was reborn. I read another of her client's expressing this same sentiment, I received more insight and achieved lasting healing working with Gin over six months than I had in over ten years of therapy. I broke up with my psychiatrist after working with her to get off all the sedating anxiety medications I no longer needed and am living the life I always dreamed of! I can not express how thankful I will always be." -Anonymous, Los Angeles, California

​"I found Dr. Gin online and was initially frustrated it took a month to get my first appointment. During that time I contemplated giving up but something kept pulling me toward working with her. I somehow knew she was the one to help me. I'm glad I waited because in just two sessions she helped me understand more than any other professional counselor has. Over the months that followed my wounds began to heal and my life changed." -Ross, Seattle, Washington

"After a lifetime of searching for what was wrong with me I found Dr. Gin. Her first words to me brought tears to my eyes. She told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I had all I needed, believing anything else was a false illusion. I will never forget those words. We worked on changing the subconscious programming that led to my poor choices. The 'shadow work' was difficult but the most transforming. She's simply the best at what she does! And her intuition is off the charts! Thank you Gin!" -Debbie C., San Diego, California

"I initially reached out to Gin after ending a romantic relationship (couples counseling psychology services). I needed to process all the drama that occurred towards the end of the relationship. I absolutely loved how Gin took her clinical knowledge and metaphysical approach to my sessions. She showed me how my intuition had told me all along that the relationship was not good. She provided me with different techniques that I use to date to get in tune better with my intuition. She has allowed me to trust and use my intuition when dealing with various situations. It has literally made my home and life more peaceful!" -Courtney S.

"Dr. Gin is a mirror, an excellent listener and creative with questions that help me tap into my truth and answers to my challenges. Out of her many strengths, I most appreciate her skill of tapping into asking the questions that help me connect the dots. She is patient and passionate as well. Gin is a highly talented personal and business consultant and I appreciate the unique care that she demonstrates." -Anonymous 

"I was the skeptic. I didn't believe in therapy and the idea of having sessions over the phone only fueled my discontent. I was referred to Gin by my business partner who knew what I was going through and continued to share stories of how Gin helped her. I had seen the change in my business partner and I think that's what kept my attention. I still thank her for repeatedly urging me to call Gin because she was right. After the very first session I had a better understanding of what was going on in my life and by the end of that phone session I felt at ease. I knew I was in good hands. The sessions being by phone were not only comfortable but extremely convenient, and I did a few email sessions too! So the skeptic is now the believer and am doing this testimonial because I do not want someone else to miss out on what Dr. Gin calls "finding their way home" because of false preconceived notions. Gin is the real deal.'' -Samantha, Santa Barbara, California

"Dr. Gin’ genuine concern for my well-being was evident from our first session. I am amazed at how different a session with her is compared to past therapy experiences. She helped me uncover the underlying issues that were causing my life to be out of control. Three sessions with Gin have done more for my depression than a decade of traditional therapy." -A. Martinez, Miami, FL

"I was unable to travel for over twenty years alone due to an anxiety issue. I had taken medication and visited a slew of counselors along the way. Seven hypnotherapy sessions in with Dr. Gin and I traveled to my hometown ALONE and stayed a week. She helped me get my life back."  -Patty J.

"Dr. Gin made it easy for me to tell her all the stuff I couldn't tell my parents. And telling her on a phone session made it easier to get the words out too. I know Ms. Gin cares about helping people and I promise you she has helped me understand how important my life is, my choices are and to really respect myself and others. -Stephanie K.