Gin Love Thompson

Gin Love Thompson, PhD is an award-winning poet, memoirist, spoken word artist, activist, ancient wisdom teacher, psychotherapist and relationship and communications specialist. She is an eminent authority on creativity and expressive arts transformational effects having presented on their therapeutic practice internationally. Gin is a highly sought after expert in her fields having been featured on the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Everyday Health, Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day and more.

Gin Love Thompson is above all a poet and mystic at heart. Her sincerest passion is her calling as a messenger (i.e. teacher) of Love, and as a creative. She is propelled by a deep desire and dedication to guide others to connect with and live within “The Realm of Love”, experiencing its life altering effects. “Of all these, the greatest is Love...” Gin’s belief is that through introspection, purposeful participation and experience of Love our life is effortlessly aligned. This work, as an amplifier of Love, is the foundation of all her many pursuits.

Dr. Love Thompson was trained as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor receiving a master’s in Counseling Education from the CACREP accredited University of Central Florida (UCF) with certification in Marriage and Family Counseling. UCF, the largest university in the nation, is also where she completed her first bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Gin would later go on to pursue and receive a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. A certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, certified Reiki practitioner and religious studies minor, Gin continued her studies in mysticism to include a bachelor’s and master’s in Metaphysical Science.

Born with an exceptional gift of intuitive ability Gin has assisted countless clients, readers and course participants of all walks of life. Gin has held hands with the dying, counseled incarcerated women, encouraged the hopeless, sat on street curbs with the downtrodden and addicted —all before her professional work as a psychotherapist began. During her professional career Gin worked with  the general population, an elite high-profile clientele, to her most ardent quest in agency work with at-risk-youth; a population of which she was included during her own youth. With a background in marketing, public relations and communications Gin has also acted as a professional consultant encompassing the scope of  independent entrepreneurs to a prestigious corporate clientele including Fortune 500 companies. 

Gin left a thriving professional psychotherapy practice to pursue her calling of writing and teaching with a profound dedication of service to humanity. As a curator of ancient wisdom and bridge builder between science, spirituality and the creative she raises the vibration of each subject she contributes. With each offering she provides her audience with greater insight into current life situations and ultimate life purpose. Through her nurturing authentic nature and skillful guidance accelerated awareness and clarity result merging from her knowledge and experience in clinical psychology, a passionate lifelong pursuit of ancient wisdom teachings, her personal journey and creativity.

Gin shares her stories from a place of knowing the dedication, pain and ultimate freedom our personal work encompasses having walked her own path of the dark night, encountering traumas in early childhood, and throughout her adulthood, including the suicide of her brother and only sibling. She has lived and continues to walk the work she writes of and teaches, helping others experience lasting change from that which is deeply rooted, creating enduring transformation in their lives. Her poetry, writings and teachings come from a space of strength, experiencing extreme life challenges. Gin chose to transmute hardships by doing the Soul work required to rise from the ashes as the mystical Phoenix and determined lotus rising from the mire toward to the sun.

Gin’s message is, “I've breathed in the darkness of the shadows of life. I know their bitter tinge on the Soul. With guidance, persistence, patience and making the choice to move forward a step each day being huntresses of beauty we can find our most authentic selves and life. Once we have encountered such extreme trial and triumph we meet ourselves within. When this meeting takes place we are forever fortified with the knowledge of our innate ability of not merely surviving, but thriving. You are not alone. There is meaningfulness to be found in the darkest of nights.”

Poetry and music have played a prominent role in Gin’s life since childhood. Having written her first poem, before knowing what poetry was, on a napkin with a chunky preschool pencil and playing keyboard at weddings by the age of ten. She would go on to enter the world of music on a professional level in 2006 co-owning and managing the then pioneering online radio station EmancipationRado.com. This endeavor followed Gin’s meeting and unique relationship with the musician Prince, which would prove to change the trajectory of her life. It was Prince’s admiration and encouragement of Gin’s writing that fortified her to share her lyrical poetry and poetic prose with the world.

Gin also served as host of the online radio show Lyrical Rhapsody where she created a platform for independent musicians while interviewing Grammy Award winning artists, International Best Selling authors including Nikki Giovanni, James Redfield, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Judith Orloff, and produced a series of interviews with prominent Civil Rights educator Tim Wise, co-hosted by her dear friend, actress and activist Samaria Graham. Each episode of Lyrical Rhapsody ended with the sound of Prince’s 1996 Emancipation track “The Love We Make” playing in the background as the shows outro blended with Gin’s message to her audience, “The only Love we have is the Love we create, the Love we make. Let’s make a lot of Love.”

A lifelong social justice activist and educator, Gin was a member of the Official Trayvon Martin Coalition, overseen by the Martin family and their legal team, from its inception where she volunteered her services as PR assistant and grassroots organizer to the cause that soon birthed a national, then global, reawakening of the civil right movement. “Gin Love Thompson is an unsung hero of the Trayvon Martin and civil rights movement,” says Benjamin Crump, Civil Rights Attorney and Leader and attorney of the Trayvon Martin family. Gin also acted as representative and consultant bringing national attention to African-American Private Firefighter Mikel Neal's 2015 noose case in Marion, Indiana, the home of the infamous 1939 lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith pictured on Public Enemy’s Hazy Shade of Criminal album cover. Marion, Indiana, is also the inspiration of the Billie Holiday classic, “Strange Fruit,” and Gin’s hometown, serving as the backdrop for an upcoming memoir.

Gin Love Thompson is currently working on the completion of her first memoir and collections of poetry.