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Sunrises at Midnight

Sunrises at Midnight

Gin Love Thompson's Debut Poetry Anthology

 "Authentically intoxicating in every word, an enchanting experience - Transparently unselfish with Love and Lemon Sour. - Gin Love Thompson shares her all - Bravery." C.C. Allentini, Author of Secret Garden: A Private Collection

“Immerse yourself in Gin’s dynamic expressions caught in moments in time. Her poetry is a portal into phases in Gin’s emotional journey that evokes pulses of pain, and memories that both crush and elevate beyond the stars. Gin gracefully exposes her soul.” Samaria Graham, Artist, Actress of NBC’s Providence, Blossom, Law & Order, Featured performer on the posthumous album based on the poetry/writings of Tupac Shakur, The Rose That Grew From Concrete

"Gin Love Thompson writes verses from the Soul. Simple and deep, you can allow yourself to feel the truth of who you are in these words; you can remember your own powerful innocence." Jacob Nordby, Author of Blessed are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives

"Sunrises at Midnight  is an amazing expression of love and spiritual uplifting. This work of poetry takes you deep into the soul of a tremendously talented poet. It reveals depths of courage and hope!" Karen Gibson Roc, Author of she&i, Renowned Poet, Spoken Word and Musical Artist

"Sunrises at Midnight, the volume of poems from Gin Love Thompson, is what this reader considers a lyrical salve for the soul. Each poem sings in its own unique way and its own key, yet together they unite as a concerto. The result of this unity of verse is that it eloquently presents life affirming words from a versifier of the first order. Ivan Orr, Music Editor at Grown Folks Music

Sunrises at Midnight introduces readers to the poetic voice of Gin Love Thompson as she authentically and courageously echoes the universal experiences of love, loss, trauma, and ultimate healing through returning to the stillness of spirit within.

For the heart that feels deeply and loves genuinely, Sunrises at Midnight is a waking dream... a sultry nature of lyrical verse and prose composed in a cosmic dance of spirit transforming visceral concussions of the heart to oceans of ecstasy.

Sunrises at Midnight explores the realities of loss we often feel alone within; our dark night of the Soul. Readers connecting to this encounter the revival of hope in that life's wounds become tomorrow's fertile grounds inviting ever deeper roots of love to flourish. It is a reflection of the survivor within us all. It is a celebration of the resiliency of the feminine divine as it reveals the tender sweetness of sensual moments.

Within its seven part sojourn, readers swim within ethereal seas of a love song, an ensconced haven of respite for the weary soul inviting and guiding them through themes of self-reflection, self-discovery, self-love, and empowerment. Sunrises at Midnight embraces its reader enabling them to explore in safety the realms of their own inner universal intimacies. 



Gin Love Thompson

Gin Love Thompson, Ph.D. is a poet, memoirist, spoken word artist, activist, ancient wisdom teacher, psychotherapist and relationship and communications specialist. As an eminent authority on creativity and expressive arts transformational effects she has presented on their therapeutic practice internationally. Gin is a highly sought after expert in her fields having been featured on The TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Everyday Health, Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day and more.

Gin is the author of the poetry anthology Sunrises at Midnight released June 11, 2019, debuting on five Amazon Best Seller lists selling out during it’s first two runs.

Foremost, Gin is a mystic at heart, her sincerest passion being her calling as a messenger (i.e. teacher) of Love and creative. Her work, as an amplifier of Love, is the foundation of her many pursuits. Read more...

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